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My bare feet - you will love them!

I have a very good method to relax: I take a newspaper and read it! Additionally I start to feel comfortable and put up my legs. You are a lucky guy because sit right at the other side of me, in front of my feet and can watch me spreading my toes and stroke them... but... don't believe I will recognize you! No! I will ignore you, loser!

Foot Fetish
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I am the owner of your balls, loser!

Just image that your balls rest in my hands... look at them! Do you believe they have any use...? No, they are not useful anymore! But... there is one thing i can do with them... Do you know what I mean...? I can kick them!! Yeah, this way! *kick* and that way *kick* Can you feel the pain...? Of course you can! But this is just the beginning! And don't forget: I own your balls completely, loser!

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I show no mercy to tiny men!

Just look at yourself! You are sooo tiny - and pathetic! You just sit there and don't do anything useful! So there is no reason to let you live anymore... I will crush you, small man! And I will crush you with my bare feet! You are soo disgusting! And it's so much fun to destroy your pathetic life... Haha!

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I'll give you a foot-jerk-off-countdown!

Hey, my little horny rat!? Today you can take a look at my sexy nylons! Then, slowly, I'll take them off and gently stroke my legs while doing so... before I finally stretch them right towards your face and massage them! That way they look even more hot, don't they...? And then... you are a lucky guy! I will give you a countdown! And at the end you are allowed to cum right at my feet...! *g*

Jerk Off Instruction
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Your mouth will suck cocks, bitch!

You know what you are going to do today...? You will suck cock today! Yeah, that's it! You said that you will do everything for me - and now the time came to prove if you keep your promise! So go down on your knees! I want to see a big, fat cock go in and out of your mouth, loser! You will be my slut - his slut! There will be no way to get away! You will look soo beauty with this fat thing inside your mouth - trust me, cock sucker! :-D

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